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I’m not going to get involved in the goods and ills of giving money to beggars, as, being housebound I don’t get asked, but what I will say is that the ref was right. Definitely a red card. Elbowing someone in the face accidentally during the course of play is one thing; doing it deliberately can, I think reasonably classed as ‘violent conduct’.
Does your mother resemble Princess Leia, Steve?
EF should be an investigative journalist. Awesome questions!

On Ultra In the blog lemonade
My point is, to her that's simple. Especially when I'm the one buying many of the ingredients.
It's a crockpot meal, and I'm married to a midwesterner. That's like asking an Italian to boil up some noodles.
Huh. I did not know that either. I will say your version of "keeping it simple" and mine are totally different. In my version, I buy food someone else has made. Usually pizza. You guys are better people than me.
My cousin should just stand in the middle of the UGA campus holding a sign that says "I'm just here to see who will stock the water cooler in my future aerospace firm."
My guess Mary is that this kid loves the word avocado so his dad played a prank on him, with fantastic results. And FB, yes, until Mexico cuts off our supply. Although I think ours also come from California.
It’s creepy AND funny. Great job, Susan. What we need now is a company that prints pictures onto curtains so it looks as if someone’s pulling back the curtain and peering out.